Bison Investment Advisors uses the “Family Office” approach with regards to its investment management process. The term “Family Office” refers to a company that is created for the sole purpose of managing the wealth of a single family or group of families. The main difference between a “Family Office” approach and an “Endowment Model” approach is the greater flexibility the family office has with regards to the types of assets that can be acquired. Typically, a family’s wealth is the result of owning a successful business or businesses. One of the primary goals of an Advisor is to diversify the family’s holdings to reduce certain risks.

Access to the types of investments used by Family Offices has long been out of reach for the average investor. Fortunately, with Bison Investment Advisors relationships and technology, Access is not the major challenge, but rather screening the ability to identify those investments with the right risk-reward characteristics and low correlation to traditional investments.

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